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Policy / Strategy

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EIF Tier 2 Process is supported by the EIF Trust Fund for priority small-scale projects to build up trade-related and supply-side capacities. However, the bulk of the Aid for Trade funding to implement the Action Matrix and the national trade and competitiveness policies and action plans (NTIS 2010) should be sought from bilateral donor support or other sources of support at country level. The total level of EIF funding for a Tier 2 project is expected to be in the range of US$ 1.5 - 3 million. But, the EIF Board may consider approving projects with a total cost above or below this amount should it deem if fit to do so from facts presented in the project proposal(s). Tier 2 projects are aimed at responding to the trade-related development priorities of NTIS 2010, as well as building sustainable local capacities and leverage additional resources from development partners.

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