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Policy / Strategy

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Aim of the EIF

In line with the Brussels Programme of Action, there has been significant work undertaken to create a more results-focused, accountable and responsive EIF programme. Working in close cooperation are donors, six partner agencies, observer agencies, the Executive Secretariat (ES) and the Trust Fund Manager (TFM) and other development partners who are supporting LDCs' own drive for trade sector development. The EIF is designed in such a way that its overall objective of making trade a driver for LDCs' development is pursued through three areas of activities:

  • to mainstream trade into national development strategies;
  • to set up structures needed to coordinate the delivery of trade-related technical assistance; and
  • to build capacity to trade, which also includes addressing critical supply-side constraints

The EIF process aims to strengthen donors' support to a country's trade agenda. LDCs can use the EIF as a vehicle to assist in coordinating donors' support and to lever more Aid for Trade resources, whereas donors can sign up to the EIF as a vehicle to deliver on their Aid for Trade commitments. There is a keen focus on country ownership, greater coordination and commitment from all EIF partners, stronger national and global governance structures and additional financial resources to match LDCs' demands. The EIF programme is now fully operational.

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