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Policy / Strategy

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Progress on NTIS 2010

Progress on NTIS Implementation

  • Separate budget allocation for NTIS implementation since FY 2010/2011

  • Collective Trade Marks for Tea, Coffee and Chyangra Pashmina established internationally

  • Large Cardamom high yielding seeds distributed and dryers established

  • Cold Warehouse in Tribhuvan International Airport

  • Laboratory established for Silver Jewelry and Gold

  • Distribution of high yielding rhizomes to the farmers for increasing ginger production

  • Collection and processing centers for medicinal herbs established

  • Capacity development of farmers and workers for processing medicinal herbs

  • Export promotion through trade fairs

  • Product development in small and cottage industries

  • Export trade development as an strategy of current Development Partner

  • 6 EIF TCs in place with specific ToR for NTIS implementation

  • Dissemination and sensitization of NTIS from central to local level

  • Consultation with Private Sector, Product Associations and other stakeholders

  • Orientation and interaction with senior officials of concerned agencies

  • Visualizing NTIS products through TV Channel

  • Interaction with Trade Journalists for trade friendly media

  • Donor Group established and regular meetings being held

  • EoI was requested through public notice and prioritized from Technical Committees (TCs)

  • Capacity Development of officials of trade sector development

  • Tier 1 Project (NECTRADE) fully operational to support NIA in trade mainstreaming and AfT

  • A Trade Policy Analytical Wing (TPAW) in MoCS

  • Trade SWAp modality for effective resource mobilization initiated

  • Active engagement of TCs (line agencies) towards NTIS implementation

  • Incorporating NTIS action matrix in regular budget, programme and projects by line agencies

  • Line agencies have undertaken NTIS as a base for supporting trade sector development and also mobilization of ODA and AfT

  • Nepal moving ahead in EIF Tier 2 Projects with Ginger Competitiveness Project under implementation and other two projects -PETS and MAPs- have been approved and are ready for implementation

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