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Policy / Strategy

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Strategies Adopted

To attain project objectives and reach outcomes, the following strategies will be adopted:

  • Necessary structures including NIU, TCs, FPs will be established and/or strengthened with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, tasks and action plans.

  • Regulations, procedures will be defined and improved to enable these agencies to operate in an efficient, transparent and competitive environment able to deliver as per need and expectations.

  • Necessary human resources and equipments will be procured to enable them to function in desired lines.

  • Capacity of NIU/TCs/FPs will be continuously upgraded to ensure these agencies not only to implement Tier 1 activities but also to mobilize additional resources, prepare Tier 2 proposals and shoulder the responsibility to execute them.

  • The government ownership and contribution to the SWAp set-up will be increased over time, starting with the number of officials being assigned to the NIU from MoCS and other line ministries.

  • The functions played by consultants –national and international- and direct support from development partners will be reduced over time and replaced by national capacities.

  • Closer coordination with all stakeholders will be developed and promoted in order to ensure common understanding and goals leading to integrated efforts.

  • Best practices and lessons learnt from other LDC in Asia will be sought and shared, through joint capacity building activities.

  • Best learning and practices in general as well as that of particular agencies will be documented and disseminated and will be the basis for developing/designing future plans and activities.

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