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Nepal Enhanced Capacities for Trade and Development (NECTRADE) Project

As a Tier 1 Project of Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) Nepal, Nepal Enhanced Capacities for Trade and Development (NECTRADE) Project is implemented by the MoCS to facilitate EIF activities in Nepal. NECTRADE Project is designed to strengthen national arrangements of the EIF to enhance Nepal's ownership of Trade Related Technical Assistance (TRTA) and maximize the benefits that the country can derive from participation in international trading system/WTO. To do so, the project has been supporting GoN to formulate and implement national development strategies, in which trade has been mainstreamed, in accordance and adherence with Nepal Trade Integration Strategy (NTIS) 2010 recommendations and principles of Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. EIF Nepal has successfully completed its Phase I and the Project has graduated to its Phase II from January 2015. The Phase II would end in 28th February 2017 and would focus on capacity building of national trade actors from central to local level for efficient mobilization of AfT, trade mainstreaming into national development process, enhance public-private partnership, facilitate development of proposals for bringing in more Tier 2 Projects by seeking funding from various Development Partners and to achieve objectives of updated NTIS.

Goal, Objectives, Outcomes and Strategies

The overall goal of the Tier 1 Project is to ultimately ensure faster growth of the country, reduction of poverty through creation of jobs and enhanced sustainability of trade development efforts resulting to greater overall benefit to Nepalese populace through enhanced global integration, trade development and proper positioning of the country.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. To further strengthen capacity and provide operational support to the EIF National Implementation Arrangements in Nepal for effective mobilization of resources, specially Aid for Trade in order to effectively integrate the country in the global trading system.
  2. To further build capacity of NIU, Technical Committees and extended NIU to develop bankable projects, obtain funding and implement these projects effectively to achieve NTIS objectives in close collaboration with similar projects supported by different development partners.
  3. To further facilitate and support trade mainstreaming actions in the country.
  4. To further enhance Public-Private participation and national ownership in trade related activities from the central to the local level.

The project aims at reaching the following four outcomes in pursuit of the above objectives:

i)        Institutional and management capacity of NIAs further strengthened in order to formulate, update and implement trade-related strategies and implementation plans

ii)       Trade agenda further mainstreamed into National and sectoral Development Strategies and Plans

iii)     Coordinated delivery of trade-related resources improved (Funding, Technical Assistance, etc.) by donors and implementing agencies to implement country priorities following the adoption of the updated NTIS Action Matrix

iv)      Adequate resources secured in order to implement NTIS Action Matrix priorities

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